A Spoonful of Sugar…

covered in choco

Coming to Your Senses

When you’ve had diabetes long enough that your eyes are starting to effect your everyday life, the things one finds funny often have a singular audience: yourself. We catch ourselves doing silly things like overfilling a water glass or handing a nickel instead of a quarter to the cashier. We learn to take all these little events in stride.fingerpricks™_paint

The scenario captured here happened to me after one of my eye surgeries, when my vision was at an all time low. I actually mistook a can of spray paint for what I thought was bathroom freshener. I mean, WHO puts spray paint on the back of a toilet??? That’s right, I do. Well, no longer, of course; my mistake resulted in quite a mess. Unlike the cartoon, what I actually sprayed was clear polyurethane, the subtle film falling lightly on the bathroom fixtures in coat after coat until my roommate caught the error. Why didn’t I smell it, you ask? That question has never been given a satisfactory answer. Yet another whimsical day-in-the-life of a diabetic.


Food, Water, Shelter…and Duct Tape?

Have we all heard the saying that only 2 things are needed in life, duct tape and WD-40? The simple theory is if something’s stuck and not suppose to be use WD-40; if it’s not stuck and should be, use duct tape. Sure, that good for a little laugh.

We, as diabetics, could have our own simplified version. Try this: there’s only 2 things a diabetic needs in life, insulin and sugar. Insulin if our blood sugar’s too high and needs to be lowered, and sugar if our blood sugar’s low and needs to be higher.

Good lord, if only it was that easy!!! WD-40, duct tape, insulin and sugar really won’t get you very far in life. That said, you’ll never be sorry for stashing all 4 in your glove compartment.


In case you haven’t heard, diabetes isn’t just a disease, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been living it long enough to know it sucks... I’ve put my complaints to paper, although I can’t quite remember why I started. Maybe I thought my dark sense of humor would pay off someday, somehow? So, thanks for helping me out: if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a seat and let me enlighten you.

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