Recurring Dream #1.

This dream started during the period I slept in the pink bedroom on the second floor of my parents house, the one to the left at the top of the stairs with the frilly canopy bed, the matching bureau, vanity and mirror. I must’ve been 10? Joyce Kilmer’s poem Trees was pasted on the glass that — given the furniture’s polymorphic material — was  a statement about the use of rare wood.  Someone, very possibly myself, had tried to remove it; from a corner inward was a plush triangle of paper pulp where some of the words had once been.
The dreams took different paths but always had the same gory end. My teeth like a handful of bloody pearls, a palm fill of teeth like shattered glass, the sensation of removing an entire jaw of dental work, the snapping and breaking of tooth from bone, the feeling of air hitting against the empty gums, the relief on pressure as the loose teeth were removed, singly but also in small porcelain sets of three, four or five; a tier of teeth snapped from my mouth like an ink cartridge, the entire jawbone removed, dry and mummified.
The dreams were most notable for their texture and feeling: the relief of pressure when the teeth would snap from the bone, the stretching of my lips as I…  To be continued…

The Wearing o’ the Green

FingerPrick™ Posted at Omnipod’s Suite D!

Turns out the luck of the Irish has no influence on diabetes. Most of the information I could collect on the subject was slightly disturbing, mostly because it needed updating. The forecasted number of people to join the population of diabetics in Ireland seems to be growing exponentially, as it is most everywhere else. I’m being a little Debby Downer here, huh?

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In case you haven’t heard, diabetes isn’t just a disease, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been living it long enough to know it sucks... I’ve put my complaints to paper, although I can’t quite remember why I started. Maybe I thought my dark sense of humor would pay off someday, somehow? So, thanks for helping me out: if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a seat and let me enlighten you.

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