Bumblebee Stools

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The Eagle Has Landed

To phrase that differently, the dragonfly is complete! I picked it up today from the framer; talk about anticipation. It looks beyond stunning. Thrilled. The size isn’t represented accurately in the photo: this baby is HUGE. Cannot WAIT to see it on the wall. More pictures to follow…Image

Happy New Year: January Fingerprick™

You hear from various sources that resolutions at New Years are too difficult to keep. Such resolutions should therefore be avoided, as should all risk of failure, or potential achievement, this time of year. Therefore, these sources are saying, be noncommittal in self improvements, avoid exposure of weaknesses – if only to yourself – in the event something unpleasant should occur: you don’t follow through.

I say what’s the harm in embracing the possibility of disappointment when the possibility of success (even in its simplest form, perhaps, like walking up a few flights of stairs) is also likely? If it takes a date on the calendar to make a few positive lifestyle changes then friggin’ go for it.

A few of mine in recent years are listed below; I think my success rate on most was about 75%. You’ll notice that some of the resolutions have me recommitting or rededicating myself? That’s acceptable too. Maybe you get 3 or 4 months out of a new resolution then, hey, try to accomplish that one again!

(1) Have better posture;

(2) Eat more eggs;

(3) Wear my hair down more often;

(4) Do 25 sit-ups each day;

(5) Recommit to keeping a secret diary;

(6) Rededicate myself to the chore of daily diabetes footcare. Ick.

(7) Try not to walk like a lumberjack.

(As a side note, I do have to confess that one year my resolution was to NOT use coupons – for food, clothes, oil changes, etc. – by reason that the empty pangs of loss and grief when I forgot said coupon was simply not worth the pittance I would save in the purchase price. Admittedly, this is the exact opposite o what I’m advising you to do.)

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In case you haven’t heard, diabetes isn’t just a disease, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been living it long enough to know it sucks... I’ve put my complaints to paper, although I can’t quite remember why I started. Maybe I thought my dark sense of humor would pay off someday, somehow? So, thanks for helping me out: if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a seat and let me enlighten you.

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