Diabetes Burnout and the Smell of Insulin

Believe me, I’m no stranger to diabetes burnout. I get as tired of counting carbs, calibrating machines, testing blood sugars and evaluating situations as the next person. This is why it’s so strange to admit the following: the smell of insulin has never tired me. Getting sick on cotton candy or candy corn can give a lifelong aversion to even the smell of such foods; too much of a good thing – or bad thing – often puts a negative footprint on our mind. With all the ups and downs I’ve had as a person with diabetes, you’d think smelling insulin would be a gloomy trigger. Instead, the scent of insulin recalls sweet yet medicinal properties – like Band-Aids® – of which I have never wearied. Sure, it’s the associative hallmark of hospitals in general, but instead of making me anxious or panicky as you might expect, it actually soothes me somewhat, as though help is on the way. Funny how the brain works…fingerprick_fire

Happy Heart Day



Working on seashorses for Sarah; there’s the sketch for the final seahorse

In case you haven’t heard, diabetes isn’t just a disease, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been living it long enough to know it sucks... I’ve put my complaints to paper, although I can’t quite remember why I started. Maybe I thought my dark sense of humor would pay off someday, somehow? So, thanks for helping me out: if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a seat and let me enlighten you.

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