February’s FingerPrick™ on Omnipod’s Blogsite, Suite D

One of your diabetic rights is to not constantly justify yourself to others.  There’s really no need for that in today’s world, where grown men wear pajama bottoms in full daylight. Over the years I’ve learned that explaining my actions – ever intending to appear more normal – makes me, in fact, just more self-conscious. Do what YOU need to do without shame or excuse. That crazy, Frenchman Pascal said, “All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.” Now I try to focus on those feelings; most the reasoning I do is in my own head.





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In case you haven’t heard, diabetes isn’t just a disease, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been living it long enough to know it sucks... I’ve put my complaints to paper, although I can’t quite remember why I started. Maybe I thought my dark sense of humor would pay off someday, somehow? So, thanks for helping me out: if you’ve got a few minutes, grab a seat and let me enlighten you.

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